Proserpine Whitsunday Uniting Church

Proserpine Whitsunday Uniting Church Launches Brick By Brick♥ Fundraising Campaign To Rebuild After Heart Wrenching Demolition

17 July 2023

 Proserpine, Queensland.

The Proserpine Whitsunday Uniting Church, a cherished institution that has served the local community for nearly 125 years, is rallying the support of its community to rebuild after the catastrophic impact of Cyclone Debbie in 2017. The cyclone caused significant structural damage, resulting in demolition.

For generations, the Proserpine Whitsunday Uniting Church has been a source of Faith, comfort, guidance, and strength. Through bushfires, devastating floods, cyclones, or personal challenges, the Church has been there as a steadfast presence, offering pastoral care, solace, compassion, and a helping hand.

After so many Quiche ‘n Treats and cake stalls, on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, they will officially launch the Brick by Brick♥ fundraising campaign, seeking your generous contributions to raise $250,000, which is vital to rebuilding the Proserpine Whitsunday Uniting Church.

There are five levels of sponsorship, starting at $100 per brick. Donations may also be anonymous or In Memory Of a loved one. Your support will be deeply appreciated. The Brick by Brick♥ campaign will be active from Tuesday, August 1, 2023, until Tuesday, August 29, 2023. They encourage the community to sponsor a brick; become part of history and be a permanent part of the new church.

St James was intertwined in the memories of so many local families over generations and the congregation can’t wait for the new Church to do the same. By resurrecting the church, they aim to restore a cherished part of the community’s identity and history. “A new church will not only serve as a focal point for our faith but also rejuvenate our commitment to our community’s well-being and expand the care we provide.”

Building works are expected to commence in the coming months, symbolizing our collective resilience and determination. Brick by brick♥, together, we will witness the resurrection of our church, ensuring that this steadfast pillar of faith stands strong for generations to come. Sponsor a brick and let us write the next chapter of our community’s story together.

MEDIA CONTACT: Rev Suzy Sitton (07) 4945 1078