Proserpine Whitsunday Uniting Church

Ann Porter’s Story

5 August 2023

Our newly wed parents bought a farm in Strathdickie, Proserpine in 1958. In those days the minister used to ride his bicycle five miles out to visit. One day my Mum decided it was Sunday School for me, so made the trip to town. My sister, Lynn, two years old, was quite upset to leave me there, so Mr and Mrs Fuller suggested Lynn stay too. As the next sister and brother came along they too began their Sunday School life, Sunday School picnics and end of year celebrations. All four of us were baptised and then took our turn to be confirmed. (I was confirmed into Methodist, Presbyterian and Uniting as the vote of union had yet to be made for our Church.)

Our family regularly worshipped with lots of families. We were blessed to be part of both primary and high school youth groups. Lynn actually ran the girls primary school group for a time. As we grew older all four of us were married in the St James Uniting Church Proserpine and our children were all baptised as well. Over the years all 13 grandchildren (of my Mum and Dad) were confirmed as well.   My children in turn were part of youth groups and took their place in music for services   My husband and I transferred away for 12 years but returned regularly until we moved back to the area. In recent years my husband was Church treasurer and I taught Sunday School.

St James has provided many happy memories for us all and our Church Family gave us a solid faith to build on. We continue to be involved in St James. Although we were sad to see our old building demolished, we look forward to a new beginning riding from the rubble. God is good.