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We are so thankful for all those who have donated in our Brick by Brick♥ Campaign!


For Gifts of $25,000 or more

2023-08-22 (2)


Matthew 22:37-39


For Gifts of $10,000 or more

1 Corinthians 3-9


For Gifts of $5,000 or more

"God is Good"

McKay Family


For Gifts of $1,000 or more

In memory of Chris Potter

Sandra & Andrew Brady

Emma Whybird

Ross & Lyndal Hughes

Tricia & Paul Botta

Mervyn, Nida Fuller and family

Wendy Camm

RMK Farming

In memory of Louis-John Botha

In Memory of Jim and Rita Fraser

Community Champion

For Gifts of $100 or more

John & Maria Casey In Memory of Christina Rae Casey

Zano Massage & Beauty

David & Megan Hughes

In Loving Memory of Fran Porter

R & D Baxter

Jean Baxter

Lyn Rasmussen

Desley Camm



Bob & Sue

DJD Reliable Mowing

Coleen Hill

Jenny Cassidy

Lisa, Scott, Sarah & Darcy Milne

Jeandre Joubert

Alexander Youngsmith


Proserpine Electrical

Proserpine Lions Ladies Aux

Hanson family

Helen Prior

Shirley and Marge

Joan Hinrichsen

Deb Bye

Peter & Dell Linneweber

The Scotford Family

Munston family

Bob & the late Fay Jamieson

Audrey Hinschen

Robyn Murray

Telford family In Loving Memory of John Telford

Ethel & Reg Muller

Alfred Moxham

Betty Moxham and family

Kathy Bernett

Elizabeth Spencer

KD & LM Matthews & family

E.J Spencer

Sandy & Val Munro and Family

Chris and Bill Davies and Family

In Memory Of Merle Rosetti

Frans & Elmarie

Madill family

In Memory of Olive Hughes

Gloria Russell & family

In memory of Luke Gilbert

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Stories from Our Sponsors

Rev Suzy tells why she supported our Brick by Brick campaign in the name of her parents; For Margaret Sitton & In Memory of Carl Sitton
After Dad passed in 2021 Mum decided that she would sell up in Brisbane and relocate to Proserpine to be close by her family. As a young girl, she had been in many eisteddfods for public speaking known as elocution. Her beautiful voice has recited many poems and stories. Her greatest gift was in her bible reading and writing and reading her own prayers of the people. She was pastoral care co-ordinator at our home church in Geebung and secretary of church council. Her ability to pray with and for others especially for the various ministers who served in Geebung also extended to bible studies with parents while their children were at Sunday School. On her arrival in Proserpine, she was warmly welcomed and took the opportunity to read and pray in church. This was only for a short time as Alzheimers has silenced her voice and jumbled her thoughts. One thing that does remain is her connection to God through the hands that care for her and as Dad always said, “You are never alone”. God is with Mum now and forever. May you be encouraged to hold the hand of others in their struggles and yes through the chaos of dementia.  The beautiful moments I have with Mum are when I trim and file her nails and massage her hands as this is something we have always done. This contribution is something Margaret and Carl Sitton would have been delighted to make.

We hear the story of the widow’s mite, the woman who gave all she had–two small copper coins–and in so doing, “put in more than all those who are contributing to the treasury.” Mark 12:42

Today we received a donation from a person who has a whale of a heart. They will remain anonymous, but their gift is a true testament to persistence. We celebrate another Community Champion. From our heart to your heart, thank you. ♥

Bob & Sue were moved to donate because they felt it was inspirational that a small group decided to pursue such a massive undertaking. ♥♥♥

Emma Whybird

Emma Whybird shared this lovely photo with her sponsorship