Proserpine Whitsunday Uniting Church

Rex and Myra’s story

Beatrice Myra Reynolds met Rex Robinson in Torquay, Devon, England, on Rex’s return from a term in Singapore with the RAF. Mutual friends introduced them, but it transpired that their families had been friends years before. Myra was nursing at Torquay Hospital; Rex’s parents lived at Paignton, close by like Cannonvale and Airlie. It was […]

Quiche n Treats Story

Like most good stories, this one began over a cuppa.  We needed to raise some much-needed money for our Building Fund and we were tossing around ideas.  A street stall was the first thought, followed by food – because the Uniting Church ladies have a reputation for good cooking!  From memory, this was not too […]

Jemimah’s Story

Jemimah Wilson

My family began attending Proserpine Uniting not long after we moved to the area at the start of 2005, when I was nine years old. The year we arrived was also the first year of Rev. Wayne McHugh’s ministry at the church, and he remained as the minister throughout my time there, until after I […]

Ann Porter’s Story

Our newly wed parents bought a farm in Strathdickie, Proserpine in 1958. In those days the minister used to ride his bicycle five miles out to visit. One day my Mum decided it was Sunday School for me, so made the trip to town. My sister, Lynn, two years old, was quite upset to leave […]